Charis Rae Blog Launch Tour!!!

Hey everyone! Today, there has been some minor changes. Instead of blogging on Authors Press like I usually do on Monday, I will be blogging here instead because I signed up for this blog tour!!! I will post on Authors Press tomorrow though šŸ™‚

Let’s get launching!!!

Y’all might know her as Grace @ The Girl Upstairs! (That blog will no longer be active though) She has over like, 300 followers. She is Charis Rae! And she has a new blog!!!!!! Today is the last day of her new blog launch tour!!! ( Please continue reading…)

I decided to write a poem about her based on what I know. (I thought this was a little more original than the rest… But the rest are awesome too! Great job bloggers!!!) So here goes!

Ode to Charis Rae

Her name is pronounced as CARE-iss
Please don’t pronounce it as CHAIR-iss
The meaning of her name means “Grace”
And I’m sure she has a pretty face šŸ˜‰

She is a writer and a grammar freak
I hope she doesn’t mind a secret leak
For she is also a Christian and a dreamer
I would someday like to meet her!

She likes eating and swinging
And she alliteration and swimming
She loves sunshine and writing
And adores emojis and musing šŸ™‚

This ode is for a blogger I would like to befriend
Won’t you hear it to its end?
I hope Charis and I will be friends
And this concludes my ode-the end!


Did you guys enjoy that? Comment and like if you did!!! (I took the “the end” part from my friend. Sorry! I thought it was just a nice poem ending!!!)

This is the end of the launch, so kindly head over to Charis’ new blog, Charis Rae!

But before you click it (you probably already did) please finish reading this post!

Remember this post? Remember the poll? It’s gonna close today! And the results are out! Aren’t you excited?!

Image result for drum roll gifs cartoon

Credit = Google Image

And the next post will be……………….












Top 7 Comeback Insults!!!!!!!Ā 

Image result for excited gifs cartoon

Credit goes to Google again…

Woohoo!!! I was already pretty sure that this would win but meh. Y’all voted, not me!Ā 

Here are the results:

Top 7 Comeback Insults: 37.5%
Questions (which you readers will answer) : 12.5%
An Essay: 0% (WOW! I guess nobody likes essays, eh?)
Serious Topics:Ā 25%
My Life as a Homeschooler:Ā 25%

Awesome! Can’t wait to start searching for insults!!!

Did you like my ode? Have you checked out Charis’ blog? Are you excited for Top 7 Comeback Insults? Do you still want me to post about My Life as a Homeschooler?


God Bless You!

~ PenelopeCrumb šŸ˜€


11 thoughts on “Charis Rae Blog Launch Tour!!!

  1. Loved this post and poem! Charis’s blog is beautiful! And this was really creative. šŸ™‚ Also, can’t wait for your next post, and I would love it if you still posted My Life As A Homeschooler. šŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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